Why Is It So Hard To Fall Asleep At Night?


Why is it hard to fall asleep? Many people have trouble sleeping at night, and there are many reasons why that could be the case. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so you have to think about what changes you might be able to make to help you get adequate sleep. Maybe you get enough sleep, but you’re just not able to fall asleep right away. If you want to do something about it, here are some tips.

Are you stressed out? If you’re stressed out, your mind is going to be racing. Everyone has to deal with stress, but sometimes people get overloaded. What changes can you make? It’s not always about what you can do about your stressful situations. Many times, it’s about how to handle that stress and perspective about life situations. You don’t want to walk around worrying or being stressed all the time.

Dealing with stress is one tip to keep in mind. What else is there? Are you eating too close to the time you go to bed? That can also cause you problems. Being too full and having just started digesting your food can keep you tossing and turning. Your body is processing all of those ingredients. Sometimes after eating a big meal, it’s easy to take a nap, but it’s not always easy to go to bed once you have just eaten.

Now let’s talk screen time. Do you go to sleep with the television on throughout the night? What about your phone screen? Does your phone screen stay lit up by your head? Maybe you reach out to mess with apps when you can’t fall asleep? Then there is the tablet and well, screen time keeps people wired. I’m preaching to the choir here, but the experts say that you want to cut off screen time ahead of going to bed.

Screen time has similar effects to extra lighting, only the content on the screen is engaging. That being said, extra lighting isn’t really good either. If you have to sleep with some type of light on, that’s understandable. Yet it’s always best if you’re able to turn off all the lights. It will only help you fall asleep faster once you get used to doing so.

What about noise? After turning off the screens and turning out the lights, the world can seem a little quiet. One thing I have found that helps is to get some white noise going. In my condo, I turn on the AC fan when I want some background noise. It’s not engaging noise, like a TV, and it’s not annoying repeated noise, like construction going on outside your door. It’s white noise, and it is said to help people fall asleep faster.

Those tips might help you get some better sleep. You want to fall asleep more quickly, and you’re going to have to think about your routine. What should you do? Make some changes, and see if they don’t translate to you getting to sleep faster each and every night. If you thinking about getting a new mattress war made easy is an amazing resource.


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