How to get skinny


Are you jealous of looking at photos of models in colorful magazines? Do you secretly dream of having a figure like them? Or maybe you just lost weight, but there are so many temptations around that you are afraid of the yo-yo effect? No matter what your need to be slim is, today’s article may be helpful for you. How to get skinny?

Never give up breakfast

You should eat them at the latest one hour after waking up. If you have no appetite, swallow at least a yogurt or a small sandwich and drink a glass of warm, weak tea, herbs or unsweetened juice. However, the ideal is a solid morning meal covering 25-30% of all-day caloric demand. We recommend muesli consisting of 3-4 spoons of cereal, a glass of skim milk and diced apple. You can eat 2 sandwiches made from wholemeal bread with lean meats, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. A solid breakfast will make you less hungry during the day and smaller meals are enough for you. And this protects against obesity.

getting skinny

Sleep like a baby

Whatever you do, whatever you do, make sure you sleep 8-9 hours a day. With no exception. When you sleep, e.g. 7 you have it in a bank that your body saves fat for the next day. With an 8-9 hour sleep, your body produces more DHEA, a hormone that burns fat and prevents aging.

Sleeping helps you manage stress better and controls the level of hormones that affect weight gain or not. It’s easy to know by the fact that if you are sleepy, you have a greater appetite for everything, especially for sweets.

Relaxation first, then food

If you happen to have stress, this is probably the main reason for your weight problems. Then you eat without restraint. Specialists call it compulsive food. Stop treating food as a reward and compensation. It will not satisfy your psychological needs. When the stress hits you at home, go for a half-hour walk or, for example, to the swimming pool. Nothing improves your mood like movement. Breathing exercises are also very helpful. Sit comfortably, relax your muscles, close your eyes and breathe your nose for 5 minutes. Let the belly rise and fall. Relaxed, you can reach for food, of course when the time comes for a meal. You will definitely eat less.

What about carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates – sugars consumed in excess, accumulate in your body as fat. But it’s not about eliminating them completely from your diet – you’ll gain weight even faster.

Try the golden mean of eating complex carbohydrates. They include: whole grain oats, quinoa, sweet potatoes, whole grain bread. Consume them earlier in the day instead of late in the evening. Carbohydrates are there to provide us with energy. We need it more in the morning and during the day than in the evening before falling asleep. Eat cereal, rice and whole grains for breakfast and lunch. Then not only that you have enough and you have a lot of energy, it will also improve your metabolism. And you’ll be getting slimmer – of course if you meet the other eight conditions mentioned above!


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