About Us

About Us – Abos Outreach

For over 100 years, bookmobiles have provided access to books and educational resources to all kinds of areas from urban to rural. Now, the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services has taken root online to provide a source for connecting libraries to its bookmobiles.

Libraries of all kinds are accommodated through the service and can connect, get news and do more all online. Libraries and their administrators, staff, trustees, friends and others are all welcome to support the Outreach Bookmobile movement.

There are clubs to join through Facebook and Google, and there is now a Pinterest account, too. Connecting has never been easier to do. Library staff can reach out at any time to learn more about upcoming conferences and how to donate to this non-profit organization. Anyone wishing to become a member can do so at the click of a button. Yearly membership fees are under $50.

With the Abos Outreach website, there are a better means of meeting its objectives of having discussion forums for its activities and programs. These are convenient places to celebrate successes and work to overcome challenges that outreach services between bookmobiles and libraries face.

There are ongoing supports and training to library staff that is dedicated to working in the outreach and bookmobile services. The entire objective is to promote these services as being essential in all libraries. With the help of the Abos Outreach, there is a greater sense of keeping the importance of these services integrated between libraries of all kinds and the patrons and students who rely upon these services.

The needs that are present are diverse and need to be worked on continuously to be met. The Outreach is also committed to working with government officials to keep the relationship between the service and all libraries working smoothing.