How to find cheap flights

how to find cheap flights

Do you want to start travelling, but don’t want to spend a small fortune on it? See our guide and start travelling for little money. Start with transport. How to find cheap flights?

When is the best time to buy cheap flights?

Low cost airlines provide price lists and the possibility of booking flights 6 months ahead (on very popular routes, e.g. Berlin-London, it will be even 11 months). Then – right after setting the rates – the best prices will be waiting for us. Traditional airlines have rates set 11 months ahead, with the structure of booking classes being important here. In classes with promotional prices there will often be only a few seats (3-4 per plane). 

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Be flexible about the date of departure

If you do not have fixed holiday dates, it is worth checking the ticket prices in the selected direction at different dates. The “whole month” search function will help you. By choosing them on the calendar, you have the best chance of finding real gems. As a result of the search you will see a calendar with the ticket prices marked on given days. Sometimes changing the date by even one or several days will save a lot. The more flexible you are, the greater the chance that you will fly for peanuts.

Check air promotions

It is also worth following websites with air promotions. It’s also worth subscribing to their newsletters, as well as to airline newsletters. It is also good to see archival promotional offers, they can happen again!

It is also worth following the distribution of vouchers and promotional codes by given airlines. In this way you can save up to several euros on a ticket, which is a real treat with connections in Europe. The problem, however, would seem to be that when registering you must enter the country from which you want to fly, and the promotional code can only be used for a flight from that country. You can set up several accounts for different e-mails and enter a different departure country for each. On the Lufthansa website, it is good to state Germany here, as its citizens can use promotional codes for departures from any country.

Don’t be afraid of smaller airports

Most capitals and large cities, apart from the main airport, have at least one low-cost airport. It is worth checking how far this airport is from the city center and how much the ride costs. When traveling to Amsterdam, check the ticket prices for Eindhoven, one and a half hours away. By choosing to the western part of Georgia, it is better to fly low cost airlines to Kutaisi airport than to Tbilisi. Traveling around the United States is worth flying to Long Beach Airport inexpensively, instead of the larger (and more crowded) LAX.

Watch out for additional fees

In many cheap airlines, additional services, i.e. checked baggage, priority boarding, extra legroom, and even choosing a seat next to a loved one, are paid and can significantly increase the price of our air ticket. Before deciding to buy a ticket, you should consider whether the service is really worth the price.



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