How to write a poem

how to write a poem

Writing poems is actually putting on paper your feelings and observations of the surrounding world. You can really write about everything, from love to an old rusty gate on some abandoned old farm. As long as you enjoy it and give an outlet to emotions – write! How do you write a poem?

Read, read and read again!

This is a basic issue. Before we start writing ourselves, we must read many other texts. It helps develop your imagination and enrich your vocabulary. This is the basis. The right word resource is essential. It is a foundation (and we always start building from foundations, not from a chimney, for example). To be joking, you have to be indescribably well-read to be able to write. It often happens that our poetic beginnings will be strongly influenced by the style of the artist who will fascinate us. It is natural, it can be for some time. However, imitation is only good for starters. In the long run, we need to find our own style of expression.

poem writing

Find the spark in you

A poem can be born from scraps of sentences, a cluster of thoughts and sometimes felt in a hurry written somewhere on the knee. This is called inspiration. Watch the world around you closely. Get inspiration from it. Write down all single words or phrases that will come to your mind. Allow yourself to do this, fantasize. Don’t be afraid to name your feelings and thoughts.

Regularity is important

Many well-known creators set themselves a certain limit. They agree with themselves: I will write so many lines of text or words every day. It is good to always create at a specific time and even in a similar setting. To put it jokingly, we invite Pegasus to come to us at a given time.

Choose the right type of poetry.

There are many types of poems. You can also abandon any form and write the so-called free verse. But it also happens that the form is born at the time of writing. So don’t worry, if you can’t decide on any style or style you choose, you don’t want to ‘rise’.

Focus, remove the diffuser

We agree with each other that for the next hour we do nothing but create. Of course, we also warn the household members. For example, we can sit in a favorite chair and let our mind wander freely. Some people like absolute silence, while others help with music or other background noises.

Be honest

Poems must flow from us, express internal truth. Then they will reach a wider audience. The reader will sense artificiality. If someone sits at a desk and thinks how to make a poem strange as much as possible, include as many metaphors as possible to make literary critics happy, they risk being locked in an airtight circle. Yes, critics will praise Him. Maybe he’ll win some literary competitions, get local fame and some money. If the artist is satisfied, the path is free. However, this may not reach a wider audience. An ordinary reader will not buy a volume of poems that no one else understands. Honesty is the key if you want to win over the reader.


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